Intelligent Fleet Management

Intelligent Fleet Management has services and applications that are valuable for organizations that have fleets or drivers that they wish to monitor and manage.This allows users to create reports for their operations and compare driver performances, fleet trips and more, using historical data.

The services and applications, below, are broken down into three different levels of basic, standard and advanced.

  • Locate vehicles online via web and mobile
  • Geo-fencing and assign vehicles to zones
  • Dashboards and Reports
  • Alerts on violations
  • Driver performance
  • Logistics Coordination and Control Center (LTCC)

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Intelligent Fleet Management Packages
Features Basic Package Standard Package Advanced Package
Geofence/Vehicle Real-time and Historical Tracking Yes Yes Yes
Geofence Management Yes Yes Yes
Overspeed Alert and Report Yes Yes Yes
Geofence – Exit/Entry Alert and Report Yes Yes Yes
Geofence – Overspeed Alert and Report Yes Yes Yes
GPS devices and installation Yes Yes Yes
GSM SIM cards and data plan Yes Yes Yes
Trip Planning web application Yes Yes
Traffic Monitoring web application Yes Yes
Fleet Management Dashboard Yes Yes
Location and Movement Report Yes Yes
Driver Scorecard Report Yes Yes
Trip Anomaly Report Yes Yes
Geofence – Excessive Idling Alert and Report Yes Yes
Driver Performance Report Yes Yes
Trip Summary Report Yes Yes
Harsh Acceleration/Harsh Deceleration Yes Yes
Tracking Mobile Application Yes
Panic button Alert Yes
Seat belt Alert Yes
Buzzer sound at device side for all events Yes
Driver Identification using Driver Key Yes
Basic Vehicle Dispatching and Trip Scheduling Yes