WaveTraf Bluetooth Sensor

The WaveTraf™ system is an end-to-end and cost-effective solution that supports critical traffic monitoring, planning, and crowd management applications. This makes it very valuable to public authorities, enterprises, and consumers.

The WaveTraf™ system consists of an intelligent road sensor, a web portal, and rich end-user applications and reports. Key features of the system include:

  • Intelligently collects traffic data from Bluetooth devices in passing vehicles
  • Shows traffic conditions in real-time and in historic mode
  • Produces meaningful analytical reports such as O-D studies, journey time measurement, signal waiting time, etc.
  • Reports collected information to Masarak™/WaveTraf platform in realtime

WaveTraf’s Road Sensor Features

  • Works in all weather conditions (IP 65 casing)
  • Supports Over-the-Air configuration and firmware update
  • Applies in-sensor filtering of non-relevant detected devices
  • Has a built-in GPRS/GPS to send data in real-time to a central server
  • Discovers devices in both directions with several traffic lanes simultaneously
  • Has 2 Bluetooth with 2 directional antennas, which significantly increases the discovery capability
  • Implements proven mechanisms for anonymity and privacy protection
  • Applies advanced filtering methods to remove outliers and better estimation traffic conditions
  • Can be powered with 20W solar panel
  • Can discover WiFi devices (optional)

WaveTraf was developed in collaboration with MMUP.

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