MASARAK™ Launch Ceremony

A comprehensive system and applications for ITS, Road Safety, Logistics

Doha, February 03, 2013: The Qatar Mobility Innovations Center (QMIC) in partnership with MMUP hosted an evening event to celebrate the formal launch of Masarak under the patronage and in the presence of HE Sheikh Abdul Rahman bin Khalifa Al Thani, Minister of Municipality and Urban Planning (MMUP) and HE Prof. Sheikha Bint Abdullah Al-Misnad, President of Qatar University. The event was a great success and was attended by excellencies, executives, and many other honorable figures.

Masarak represents a comprehensive intelligent platform and an integrated suite of applications and services targeting three important and inter-related market segments: Intelligent Transport, Road Safety, and Logistics Management.

Back in 2010, given its strategic importance to Qatar, QMIC adopted the area of Intelligent Transport Systems as its main focus area for research and development. As such, QMIC developed a strategy to become the national innovations leader in this area in the short team, and a global leader in the med to long term.

QMIC and MMUP signed a definite partnership in 2011 for collaborating on the development and deployment of an Intelligent Traffic Monitoring System (ITMS) and applications optimized for Qatar which represented the foundation of the Masarak system and portfolio of services. Subsequently, QMIC has significantly increased its investment in and commitment to this area and expanded its focus to directly address road safety solutions and services. The effort resulted in an impressive platform and an ever expanding portfolio of applications and services that is unique in its scope and compelling in its impact.

HE Prof. Sheikha Bint Abdullah Al-Misnad, President of Qatar University said: “When we founded QMIC few years ago, we had an ambitious plan to create a unique center which can make a significant contribution to the country in terms of impact and quality. We are very happy with the progress QMIC is making and today’s launch of Masarak is a solid example of that progress”.

HE Sheikh Abdul Rahman bin Khalifa Al Thani, Minister of Municipality and Urban Planning (MMUP) said: “We are very pleased with the outstanding result of our strategic partnership with QMIC. We strongly believe that the Masarak System and Services will play a significant role in supporting Qatar’s strategic plans in ITS, Road Safety, and in preparing  for the world cup.  In addition, we are proud of the fact that the comprehensive system is fully conceived, designed, developed and optimized in Qatar which is contributing to the creation of a significant knowledge and know-how in this important area”.

Mr. Abdulla Al-Talib, the Chairman of QMIC said, “A key strategic objective for QMIC is to  translate its innovations into knowledge-based ventures which directly supports the vision of Qatar. Our Masarak launch is an important milestone towards creating a significant knowledge enterprise that will focus on delivering new applications and services utilizing the Masarak national platform”.

Using the latest principles in engineering design, software architecture, and big data mining and analysis, the Masarak national platform relies on collecting real-time data from various sources like floating car data (GPS devices), road sensors, smartphones and other sources, then passes the raw data through the Labeeb™ platform to produce useful real-time traffic and congestion information. This information is used by the many applications and services QMIC built as part of Masarak to deliver to its customers and partners. These services will be available via multiple channels including mobile apps, web apps, SMS, voice, etc.

In support of ITS, Masarak provides the first and only comprehensive traveler information system in Qatar. This system consists of an intelligent traffic monitoring platform and a suite of traffic and navigation applications that can be accessed by consumers, government agencies and enterprises. In addition, Masarak will provide a comprehensive set of tools for traffic studies, road network planning, and a new family of locally-made intelligent road sensors.

In support of the important and emerging logistics management market, Masarak provides a number of intelligent fleet management applications and services that are focused on improving productivity and safety, a comprehensive advanced dispatching system and applications, and telematics services for enterprises and consumers.

In support of road safety, Masarak will have a comprehensive portfolio that will contribute directly or indirectly to reducing road traffic accidents and causalities through having safe drivers, safe vehicles and safe roads.  In particular, Masarak will offer products and services that include:  Driver scorecard and performance management, Driver anti-distraction applications and services, Incident detection and prevention applications, Intelligent School Bus Monitoring System, and Emergency/assistance support services.

Dr. Adnan Abu-Dayya, Executive Director of QMIC said: “We have a grand vision to create the most compelling platform and services that can directly support the realization of two significant and long term national initiatives in Qatar: the National ITS strategy and the national road safety strategy.  Our intense focus in terms of R&D and building national partnerships, combined with our integrated approach to address these broad initiatives has resulted in a unique set of assets under the Masarak umbrella. Our commitment to expand our Masarak portfolio to meet the needs of the country and to create international economic value is unmatched. We want to express our gratitude and appreciation to the expanding list of Masarak partners in Qatar.  I want to sincerely thank our QMIC and MMUP colleagues without whom we could not execute on our plans ”.

Clearly Masarak™ has arrived not a moment too soon. Qatar is currently and for the next few years will be going through a vast expansion with major infrastructure buildup, new roads, new metro system, stadiums, and others structures. Such expansion is going to place huge demand on the road network, on the planning activities, on logistics services, and on the road safety. Luckily, with its expanding list of intelligent services, Masarak can provide the needed relief to address many of the associated mobility, safety and logistics challenge.

About QMIC

QMIC is an applied research and development center founded by Qatar University in Collaboration with and at the Qatar Science &Technology Park (QSTP) to leverage the use of emerging mobility and wireless technologies in creating solutions and smart applications for use in a number of markets including Transportation, Utilities, Healthcare, and Environment.

QMIC was founded with the objective of filling the existing gap in the region for institutions focusing on applied research and solutions delivery.

QMIC has strategic objectives in the areas of local capacity building, innovations leadership, and in becoming a virtual R&D center for local and regional partners.

For further information please contact

Dania Khaled, , , +974 44592702.

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