iTraffic, The Leading Local Smart Navigation Application Updated with Major New Features to Help Drivers in Qatar


A QMIC Solution to Enhance Qatar’s Road Safety with More than 110,000 downloads

July 12, 2015: During this week, the Qatar Mobility Innovations Center (QMIC), a national leader in Intelligent Mobility powered by the Internet of Things, released a major update for its Masarak iTraffic mobile application, which is an exclusive locally developed smart navigation app using real-time traffic data. This new release has many new features that offer users a number of location-based services, making their journeys smoother and safer in Qatar.

iTraffic was first released as a local traffic and navigation application that uses QMIC’s comprehensive intelligent traffic monitoring network, is becoming a major mobile location-based platform that supports the growing needs of drivers and residents in Qatar. iTraffic was originally launched in 2012, and since then has grown considerably with over 110,000 downloads up to date. It is available in both Arabic and English languages, and is free for download on iOS and Android devices. The new major update is available for iOS users. Masarak’s iTraffic solution has won the Mobile Application of the year award at QITCOM 2014 (Qatar), as well as the Innovation in Traffic Management award and Road Transport Technology award at the Gulf Traffic Exhibition & Conference 2013, in Abu Dhabi.

The latest 4.0 iTraffic application release introduces a number of new features that encourage safer and smarter driving through seamless access to rich location-based services and data. It now alerts users, through audio and visual notifications, when they are nearby any speed cameras while over speeding. This tool will help users gain control of their driving habits by training them to abide by traffic speeding laws. iTraffic has started notifications for main road speed cameras and is continuing to grow its coverage rapidly, for the rest of the country. Another feature added is the Road Side Assistance option, available with location sharing through email and SMS, also offering direct communication with road assistance service providers. QMIC has recently partnered with leading Road Side Assistance companies to offer their services seamlessly through iTraffic.

Dr. Adnan Abu-Dayya, Executive Director (CEO) of QMIC said, “In partnership with our partners, our team of experts is working hard to develop solutions that enhance the mobility experience and road safety in Qatar. By adding rich and relevant location-based services that are optimized for the road network and users in Qatar, we intend to make iTraffic a must-have for all smart phone users in Qatar. The new release offers a set of compelling services and many more new services will be introduced later this year in partnership with strategic partners”.

In addition, iTraffic has over 6000 Places that users can search and navigate to. This new release has allowed users the option to enrich and enhance these Places by submitting new places to be added. This practice of crowdsourcing shall enrich iTraffic’s Places database and opens a line of communication between QMIC and users.

One of the major additions made is the social media integration and gamification aspect that is introduced in iTraffic, for the first time. Users may now login through social media, allowing them to collect points and compete with other users for the highest ranking. Their score can be increased by using the app more actively, and for longer periods; they can share locations, report/suggest places, navigate, and more.

About QMIC:

The Qatar Mobility Innovations Center (QMIC) is the first independent innovations center in the region with a focus on developing and deploying smart mobility systems and services. QMIC’s main goal is to use locally engineered innovations and knowledge to create technology-based industries that address regional challenges and grow with mega projects in Qatar and the region. Since 2009, and through its focus, on distributed sensing, data collection & management, services creation and delivery, QMIC is becoming a national leader in the area of Internet of Things (IoT). In particular, QMIC has been leading in delivering IoT platforms, and IoT solutions and services in vertical domains including Intelligent Transport, Logistics & Telematics, Road Safety and Environment. Through its offices at the Qatar Science and Technology Park (QSTP), QMIC is working closely with key national partners and stakeholders to realize a market-focused innovations ecosystem in Qatar.


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