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With the growing number of people and construction in Qatar, the traffic congestion and road work/blocks are continuously increasing as well. This is all creating frustrating journeys for the residents of Qatar. Masarak’s iTraffic App is the perfect solution to help give users an overview of the traffic conditions in Qatar, in real-time, and helps them navigate using select the shortest and fastest routes to their destinations. iTraffic is an intelligent traffic monitoring and navigation application developed by QMIC in partnership with MMUP. Offered in both Arabic and English, this application will help users avoid traffic congestion, blocked roads and help users find the ideal routes for them.


  • Allows you to view traffic conditions on the streets of Qatar, in real-time
  • Gives you directions to locations using the fastest or shortest routes, depending on traffic conditions.
  • Shows you road works and road blocks in Qatar
  • Includes over 5000 Point of Interests (POIs)
  • Allows you to save your favorite locations
  • Allows you to share information (traffic conditions, locations, POIs, journeys, etc.) through social networks

To download this app for iOS, click here.

To download this app for Android, click here.

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