Masarak has been developed by Qatar Mobility Innovations Center (QMIC), a national institution, and is heading towards serving the national development strategy by playing a role in building a knowledge based economy within Qatar.

One of Masarak’s main objectives is to support the national vision 2030 through its solutions. Masarak delivers many services that help realize the various strategies in the country such as the ITS master plan, the National Road Safety plan, and more. The most imperative features within Masarak™ are tailored for government entities.

Masarak’s Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) segment has a very rich bank of data holding historical traffic information of Qatar’s roads, traffic congestion increase and traffic trends and patterns; making this local solution unique above other similar global systems.

Masarak’s ITS, Logistics management, Road Safety and Professional services support the government in many ways such as:

  • Rich bank of data useful for urban planning, understanding traffic trends, event planning and more
  • Advanced Traveler Info System
  • Telematics service platform
  • Data management, storage, analytics
  • Tracking vehicles
  • Optimizing timely emergency vehicle delivery (for ambulances, police cars, fire trucks, etc.)
  • Monitoring hazardous material transport
  • The Origin Destination studies helps with traffic modeling in the country
  • Incident detection
  • Journey time
  • Traffic counts and network performance
  • Connected Vehicles: Reducing up to 80% of potential road accidents
  • Traffic advisory services
  • Traffic modeling

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